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It was a Coup - Excerpt of my Jan. 6 Foreword

The Loser

New Trump Special Counsel Appointed… but why?...

The Biggest Election Ever… except the last one and next one

Hearings and “Heroes”

My new book on the Trump Coup - and the Jan. 6 Report

"Just Comply": A Hannity Rule for Trump

The Feds Search Trump's Home

Steve Bannon Convicted - What's next?

The Insurrection Lives — and meet me in New York…

A Supreme Court Crisis

The Smoking Gun in these Jan. 6 Hearings

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Trump aide Peter Navarro indicted, vows retribution

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Change is possible

Again and Again and Again

Confronting Tucker Carlson’s Hate

The world’s richest man gets more power

What happens if the Supreme Court ends Roe?

How to live to 90 and keep dancing…

If everyone denies the facts, are they still facts?

How do you fight the power?

Free Speech and Ron DeSantis

On Love and Equality

The key thing about Zelenskyy’s populism

What’s Free? A vital text on politics and law…

Contempt for Peter Navarro

Paying the price

GOP on track to lose SCOTUS clash with Biden, as hearings begin

On Truth, Change and American Cowboys

Putin’s path to “the grave” or retirement, from a Kremlin vet

You can be *anything*

Ban the oil, save the world?

This is what history feels like

Masters of War

Why we need real political courage right now

A burning question right now is 50 years old

Here’s What Trump Aide Peter Navarro Told Me

Looking Past America

My childhood… on the other side of an interview

Voter Fraud Hits Trumpworld

Take those old records off the shelf...

SCOTUS Retirement: Stephen Breyer Stepping Aside

Can we talk about The Talking Heads?!

As Trump loses at SCOTUS, the Sedition Case Heats Up

An essential text on politics and life!...

Jan. 6 Gets Its Protest Anthem

Peter Navarro Admits the Coup -- Our New Interview

The Coup and the Jan. 6th Truthers