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The Supreme Court is deciding whether to end Roe v. Wade

Excited to share thoughts with you about poetry & "getting low"...

They Planned the Coup for Trump on PowerPoint

Be yourself… and stay yourself

Mitch McConnell is out of ideas, and that matters

Criticism is love... and it helps to realize that!

When killings are murders, and BLM...

Guilty Verdict in Arbery Trial

Can art help you see the future?

Turning point: Is Steve Bannon headed to jail?

Your favorite President’s favorite rapper?

Did everyone get last week's elections wrong?

Art Can Nudge Capitalism, Really...

Can Oklahoma execute a man based on a racist trial?

They are prepping the coup *now*

It's okay to be sad and talk about it

Fact-checking Tucker Carlson

An anti-vaxer walks into a bar….

Can I tell you the secret to ending the GOP's filibuster?

Is it possible to drink the pain away?

Can I tell you about an inspiring man overcoming our broken prison system?

We Need Revolutionaries

An eye on the other public health crisis...

Idols Become Rivals... (I'm talking sports today!)

U.S. vaccinations: Starving to death, or refusing to eat?

Are Biden's Mandates Legal? ... and GOP Cynicism

Can we laugh at ourselves?

Valuable labor versus corporate extraction

Lauryn Hill's Gospel

Read this about BLM, even though it’s not “trending”

Paint it Black

The Media Gets War Wrong, Again

Live from New York… (it’s SNL!)

What Does Reform Look Like?

Art imitates Art

A "coup attempt" without consequences is a training exercise

Don't Censor This

Mitch McConnell: "Shameless and Shameful," says Fran Lebowitz

"They Loved Him When He Shot Ball"

A New Warning From Dr. Fauci

Is Your Kids’ Music Any Good?

Here's How to Change Policing

Our Musical Memories and a Talking Heads Reunion?!

Why are UFOs and Aliens Back in the News?

My new Nina Simone essay

A Secret to the Covid Rebound

When Sheryl Crow Confronted Walmart for Selling Guns

New: Trump Org Indictment Coming “This Week”?

Music over Money!

Will "Biden Republicans" Break the Logjam?

Breaking down a favorite hip hop track

Maya Wiley Surges in NY Mayoral Poll, Eric Adams Leads

Will Trump Be Indicted?

Bob Weir says Jerry Garcia still visits him

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Is This Time Different?