I’ve seen a lot of people in my life, the truth is always easy and relaxed, if you have the slightest suspicion that someone isn’t telling you the truth or simply doesn’t enlighten the whole story, just ask them as many questions as possible and clarify every detail - after a couple of questions everything will fall into place! The devil is in the details, remember that!

But let's face it, we all lie periodically, and there is no concept of a small or big lie, a lie is a lie, period!

A person who tells you that he never lied or he lives by a principle of not lying is the biggest liar!

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Feb 22·edited Feb 22

I would like to see some creative compensation for damages. Because no matter how much money Dominion is awarded, it will not revert the damage they have done. So I propose the following, in addition to monetary damages ---

For at least one month, at the start of every single show, no exceptions, a voice only ad runs for 30 seconds basically saying "We knew Biden won the election. We knew there was no fraud. We knew it was all lies. But we kept repeating the lies, because it helped our ratings".

And Faux News does not get to write the script. Dominion does, or the judge.

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Yes, of course Fox should be held to account. But I'm still scratching my head over the classified document 'theft' by the former President. I know I'm just an old retired naval reservist, but if I mishandled classified documents, I wouldn't be 'retired' - I'd be in jail. And quickly. Please explain how the Justice Department can sit on this transgression 'forever' (from my viewpoint).

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Good morning from the chilly AZ desert Ari! For me anyone who pushes a false narrative when they KNOW it is false should have to pay and I don’t mean just corporate money to anyone. That is how they have gotten away with so much. MONEY. They LIED and pushed an insurrection and acted like they were “surprised” when it happened. Ratings, stock prices should have nothing to do with TRUTH. News should be real & true whether we agree with it or not.

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Hi Ari - I love your show. I value your positions on current issues you cover and your explanations, in layman’s terms. It wouldn’t be surprising to you therefore, that I’ve watched Bill Maher’s shows also for years.

Here’s my concern: you and others on network TV don’t reach those who need to hear what you are saying. They don’t know they’re being scammed. How does the truth get to them?Please keep the coverage up.

Your fan - Trudy

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Do you think courts should sanction Fox News if they lose the defamation case? YES

Do you see a difference between legitimate views and deliberate lies and misinformation? YES

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Let me put it this way. You and I are on the same page. If I ever needed a lawyer, you would be the one I’d call. You have a way of explaining things without ever sounding as if you’re aiming at the lowest common denominator. Thank you for hosting my favourite intelligent show.

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I have a question..who is accountable for a news reporter's news reports??? Is there someone that oversees what is release whether it be radio, tv or any other form of public notification?

To me if someone knows or believes a lie is being put forward after reading these reports those reports should be pulled immediately until they are research to beyond any doubts. The final person who gives the okay for these reports to be released should absolutely be accountable. Loss of job from ever working in the news business with a big red flag would be a good start.

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I don’t see this Fox News position as fundamentally that different than prohibiting screaming fire in a packed theatre or making bomb jokes on a airplane. Fox knew they were spreading dishonest and inflammatory information and their calculus was more lies equals more money. More than being exposed as dishonest they should have a consequence. People died and were injured because of their willful dishonesty.

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Ari, your program yesterday- Feb 21 -was brilliant. Kudos to you, your producer, research, writing and staff.

Your work as a news broadcaster and anchor is literally as good as I have seen. I was 20 years in the business myself in 🇨🇦- as a producer, broadcaster and writer. (Same news shop as Ali and John Roberts.)

Your show mission to lay out the issue to your audience; to explain succinctly and make the point- is unequalled from what I see currently in the broadcast landscape. Not that your organization doesn’t have a stellar lineup - they do.

I just see that you bring your cumulative experience and background to the job. Nothing left on the table.

I don’t know how good your French is but, כל הכבוד.

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Ari, thanks for the excellent special reporting on Fox News and the big lie. Tucker Carlson, Laura Ingraham, Sean Hannity are all liar liar pants on fire. They should be held accountable for all the violence and the January 6th insurrection because they contributed to the spreading of election fraud that didn’t exist and fabricating stories about Dominion (and many more).

Fox News is not a news organization…they just want to lie, spew hate and make money.

I love how you defended MSNBC on Bill Maher’s show. MSNBC is clearly not in the same category as Fox News aka Faux News. It is so great that your brother joins you in the events that you are invited to…he is so lucky 🍀😃

I love Christoph Waltz😃 He is a great and funny actor - I remember him in Horrible Bosses😃😃😃 I didn’t watch the Inglorious Bastards…I should watch it 😃

Do you think courts should sanction Fox News if they lose the defamation case?

Yes I think that court should sanction Fox News (aka Fake News) if they lose the defamation case. They still spread the perpetual lies and encourage violence and divisions in our country.

Do you see a difference between legitimate views and deliberate lies and misinformation?

Yes, I do…misinformation and lies spread so fast. They don’t make any sense and can be destructive.

Legitimate views/ facts have evidence and rational justification to support it.

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The most pathetic part of these text messages being revealed is that nothing these people do surprise us any more. The fact that nothing is being done to hold the treasonous behavior from the Republican party and the media that supports them, is scary and dangerous.

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Of course FOX should pay. I know it won't cost them enough to put Murdoch out of business... BUT IT SHOULD. They KNOW the influence they have, and they don't care because all they DO care about is money and ratings. They are as responsible for the January 6 riots and the deaths of those officers as the LoserInChief is. The sad thing is that they will pay whatever fine or damages, and they will keep right on doing what they've been doing.. and the pinheads and willfully ignorant who follow them will not stop. In a just world, FOX and other extreme right wing outlets would be permanently outlawed. SO tired of HATE speech and TREASONOUS speech being "protected" as 'free' speech. Just as the US needs to reexamine and rewrite the text of the Second Amendment, so might they take a look at the FIRST.

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It’s called “Intent”.

Off camera they’re saying things to each other like “crazy” and “insane”. When the light comes on, though, they turn to the camera and confirm the crazy and the insanity. Why? Because they know that’s what their viewers want to hear…those viewers will lap up whatever is freshly steaming in the morning on their front lawn because it’s what they want and need to consume. The Fox hosts know that and play to it. It’s the essence of propaganda…and it pays the bills.

In spades.

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After years of tuning in, we dropped Maher months ago because he has turned into a grumpy old man who is obsessed with "woke" over his solar installation delay, apparently. His joke writers are failing and his clumsy attempt to equate both sides of the alt-right v. humans is sickening. Your appearance, Ari, was great; the defense of the honest job MSNBC is doing was justified (not to mention annoying to BM). I'm torn between wanting comprehensive gun legislation and killing Section 230 to be the first priority of Congress. The country's cancerous social media certainly help the gun nuts.

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Not only should Fox News be sanctioned, but the people involved in spinning and perpetuating The Lie should be banned from their field, including the station owner for a period of at least 5 years. A slap on the wrist is not enough. Put the Fox reporters and Murdoch in the same category as Pete Rose and Kevin Mitnick, the hacker who was banned from his field for over 8 years. (Mitnick is allowed to use computers again as of 2023).

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